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About Us

Our Company is specialized in management analysis, we offer our clients a diagnosis which shows them real administrative and financial status, this would let them make the right projections with minimal risk to execute expansion actions, investments and the most important to make corrective actions in the developing of the current administration, to secure its normal operation without unnecessary risk because of the lack of information to make right decisions.

We develop informatics systems that support the making of decisions and allow an efficient management analysis, it will make your business worth.

Gestion SPA, is composed by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, with wide experience in  the management analysis, company strategic management, data base development. It is also composed by an Audit Accountant, Control Management Engineer, Management Engineer, a graduate in management, a team of IT (Information Technology) engineers all leaded by an Industrial Engineer, with 35 years of experience in executives and management positions in international companies. 


Our mission

To provide our clients a professional and efficient service which fulfill all their expectations so they find real solutions to their needs.


Our vision

To be a leading company in our category and to be always on vanguard of  the development of strategies  and informatics systems oriented to the improvement of the business management


Our corporate values

Our corporate values are the foundation on which our company was established

  • Respect: treat all others the same, to value all the contributions from all our contributors and to work as a team so we can accomplish our objectives.
  • Integrity: to act ethically in all of our business practices.
  • Service: to provide the best satisfaction experience to our clients.
  • Excellence: to aspire to be the best in everything we do and endeavor so we can continuously improve.
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Ruben Flores 
Dr. Mario Esparza


Dr. Mario Esparza
Nataliz Justiniano



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Centro De Negocios Amway

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